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Denise Taddeo offers a unique Health Coaching and Wellness Program for potential clients. This is a 6 month program that includes a free health consultation (conducted via telephone), and then signing on if you decide you’d like to participate. The program would consist of weekly coaching that is conducted over the telephone for 60 minutes with email support sessions held in between.

This program is individualized and will treat each person as the unique human being that they are i.e. (Bio - Individuality). Clients are given homework and reading assignments to help coach them in the program, and they are encouraged to take a relaxed approach to the program.

This program is more hands-on than traditional counseling or therapy; Denise can help you grocery shop to pick out nutritious food, organize your kitchen, or even help you cook a meal to help you take those steps toward learning the nutrition process for yourself. Denise believes that there is internal inflammation that occurs in each of our bodies that is causing disease from everyday life—from the foods we eat to the stress we carry. She aims to help alleviate those inflammations for you and get you on a path to healthy living.

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